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    App zone no longer gives SG

    Is there a limit to how many SG you can earn from watching ads in App zone other than the daily limit? I kept tapping to watch ads but it refused to give me more SG even before I reached the daily limit (just got around 26 SG today). It only gave me the message that I should do other tasks, which is impossible because I don't really have time to do them other than certain weekends.

    4 april 2019 14:28 1628

    I also have this problem. There are still 12 soul gemstones to reach the daily limit of 100. Does anyone know how to solve it?

    4 april 2019 14:46 1628

    This is probably an innovation. So now we do not get a normal SG :(

    4 april 2019 15:09 1628

    I've tried checking the discord and somebody did ask about it, but nobody answered yet.

    4 april 2019 16:41 1628

    way because that is limited.

    5 april 2019 17:57 1628

    Well try to do a simple task from the offer wall like the polls where you have to spot a mistake in pictures or answering questions...

    5 april 2019 18:32 1628

    Sadly those tasks don't always work with everyone. I can't complete any surveys and the quiz site is somehow blocked by my Internet service provider.

    6 april 2019 17:52 1628

    reach the limit

    6 april 2019 18:20 1628

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