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    Empire Earth

    Empire Earth, also known as EE, is a real-time strategy game developed by Stainless Steel Studios and released by Sierra Entertainment  (in Europe) on November 23, 2001. This was the first part of the Empire Earth series. The game is similar to Age of Empire.

    The two games are similar in that they are working here to produce resources, they are miners, they work in the food industry, they are the engines of the whole economy. What I liked better in Empire Earth is that as soon as I have chosen their place, eg. food production, I didn't have to deal with them anymore, because if the harvest was harvested, it was automatically re-seeded and worked further. The construction is similar to the two games, though building the walls in Empire Earth is, I think, easier and more logical than any other game. Those who are in the Age of Empires' little finger will have to handle the game in no time, who has played with other real-time games so far, or rather played with other types of games; come. Thinking Absolute Beginners Have Multiple Piece Demonstration and Exercise Missions Helped Learn To Play
    I'm just a list of what you can do with this game:
    4 complete series of missions from ancient Greece to Russia with the future Russia to complete a few missions. Single-player mode, where a number of other settings from the early days ensure that you don't play the same thing all the time. Multiplayer mode. A very serious map and mission editor. Finally, a story editor in which we can queue up our missions and cut small passes through


    Let's look at the gameplay now! The game contains an impressive amount of different military units. The different units represent different forces to each other, e.g. the other player is able to smash a tank attack with some cheap anti-tank guns and fortifications. Artificial intelligence means a very serious opponent for the beginner player, and even if we set it to the maximum level, even the more experienced ones will sweat against it. The one who has gone beyond that is the opportunity to try on the Internet against other players with serious experience. Game designers have paid attention to the lack of mechanical action on the part of the player and the speed of the game is just right to work out and implement the strategy. Military units behave intelligently. They follow and shoot in the basic position (or at least they fight if not everyone got a rifle :-) the opponent, which can be confusing in some cases, but it can be changed. They have also been observed for small details such as eg. Airplanes land at the airport or take off from there and air battles are very enjoyable.


    There are many different ages in the game:
    -Early period
    -Stone Age
    -Copper Age
    -Bronze Age
    -Dark Age
    -Middle Ages
    -Imperial Age
    -Age of Industrialization
    -World War I
    -World War II
    -Newest Age
    -Digital Age
    -Nano Age

    (Scene of stone age)


    During the game you will hear pleasant background music. It was never disturbing, so I didn't turn it off, though it could be turned off, of course. In our city, you can hear around the world as our miners diligently struggle with the mines and make the most of all the important events in the sound of the machine. The shots are also good and lifelike. (Even though I haven't fired a cannon in a medieval galley. :-) The sounds are pleasant and informative.


    Finally, I would like to add to the assessment that anyone who buys this game does not really buy a game, but rather a game package, similar to the one hundred kinds of games in a box-type assembly. The single game itself, with its four mission sequences, provides as much fun as we often don't get with an average game, and then there are single and plural games, as well as the mission editor. The latter is the guarantee that if someone has played the above listed options back and forth, they just go up the internet and download another fan's latest game epic.

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