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    so how do u claim ur robux pls help

    is it joining a group (i did it already) or that rixty thingy. help me

    1 april 2019 16:45 2173

    When you go to buy some robux if you look down it sayes Activation guide with blue letter. You can press that and it will guide you how just follow the steps and you will be ok 🙂

    1 april 2019 16:49 2173

    but theres no rixty thingy (or i am wrong)

    1 april 2019 16:50 2173

    I never done it before i just checked and there isnt....so now?

    1 april 2019 17:02 2173

    i dunno wait ill check....nope no rixty thingy i assume u join a group....it may be opulent or gamehag they are allies in roblox so u may join only one but i joined both to make sure

    1 april 2019 17:04 2173

    But we arent sure we should contact them about that cause it maybe not updated and if we buy it... may not work

    1 april 2019 17:11 2173

    yeah but i bought robux and i joined a group hope it works ill search it up later

    1 april 2019 17:13 2173

    if you join the group, rhey will pay you robux.

    1 april 2019 19:04 2173

    theres a guide, im sure

    2 april 2019 06:52 2173

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