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    Any advantage from leveling up??

    I am unable to see any advantages of it

    31 march 2019 12:36 1628

    Once you level up more and more, you receive Soul Gems. That's the best advantage it can have.

    31 march 2019 12:48 1628

    Well the only one that I could think of would be when you get to lvl 3 you can do the guessing game

    31 march 2019 12:57 1628

    Extra gems when you get too level 4

    31 march 2019 13:39 1628

    the bigger the level the more you get soul gems + you can send soul gems from level 6 in packs of 500 to any one on the website (Users) if you decided to do any trading (Gamehag wont be responsible) or donate a friend even

    31 march 2019 19:07 1628

    you get some soulgems every time you level up.

    31 march 2019 20:26 1628

    Sounds like a good idea

    1 april 2019 03:07 1628

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