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    Soraka's abilities and uses !

    How to use Soraka to  protect and save your teamates and help them to win :)
       Soraka is good for poke , at one level you have the advantage to poke the enemy adc, starting with q  is the best option. on early game she  has big cooldown and weak heal ( w)  , so you have to poke with q and hit, late game she is a heal beast.
     Lets explain her abilities and their uses :

    1) her passive  has mobility ( 70% movement speed) when moving towards allies with low health ( below 40% of their health) . 
        use: great escape with this extra movement speed and also you can run faster to save your teamates

    2) her q calls down a star dealing magic  damage and slowing  enemies , also heals you back
        use: its great for poke enemies and make good trades because of the heals that gives you back

    3) her w sacrifices a portion of her own health to heal an ally ( you cant heal under 5% of your health)
        use: keeping your allies alive or save them  

    4) her e creates a zone  that silences enemies, when the zone is going to end enemies in it will root
        use: nice ability, that can deny various champions 

    5) her r is a global ulti and  heals all allies ( increased by 50% on targets under 40% of their health )
        use:  you can save your allies or win the fight with the extra health

             PROS                                                                                                     CONS

    Good sustain in lane                                                                     Weak early   
    Poke                                                                                             Big early cooldowns
    She can keep alive her teamates                                                 Weak early  heals
    Small late cooldowns                                                                    She is the first focus

    In my opinion Soraka is a great support. She can change a teamfight by keeping alive her allies. She is the first focus so you have to be careful with your position!

    Practice is all you have to do ! Have fun :)

    29 march 2019 10:43 1625

    When im Soraka Main im playing like a Ambulance now im Fiora main 110 K :)

    29 march 2019 12:52 1625

    i was soraka main ,now i'm katarina and soraka main :D 620k on katarina and 590k on soraka :D

    29 march 2019 13:46 1625

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