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    Rise of Angels

    Please do no flag as spam this article is improvement of my previous one

    Hello, today i am going to teach you the little things of this game tho many of you might know how to play perfectly fine without any help but the same many of you really struggle at some point.The easy way is to pay for VIP not only do you get a hell lot of XP you also get pretty strong gear to raise your BR.There are couple of VIP levels starting from 1 to 10 each level requires diamonds to unlock the higher the level the bigger the diamonds obviously the reward will be bigger as well.I am sure you were tempted to buy yourself some diamonds and i am not surprised the amount of flickering lights and unmovable boxes of them saying buy now first time only you get this and that and your like great this will help me a lot to get going in this game and your right i always see when playing or fighting PVP people are a lot stronger with VIP levels and cant help but wonder how strong or can you be stronger than them without paying? Today i am about to teach you that you might even get closer to them without even buying a dime.


    Note do not use any of the following images to try and claim rewards it wont work and you might get banned'


    This me at level 90 that's when i got the first task completed honestly it took me a couple of days but that's the reason the game offers you to pay they make the game harder so you are tempted to pay but in my case i managed to get to level 90+ and even started enjoying the game but at that level killing monsters or going auto wont get you far they give small to almost no XP .The first 50 levels are easy enough to complete them on auto but then gets a lot harder. First you want to get in a clan witch helps you level up little bit faster and get stronger it gives you clan quests witch offer from 200 to 300k xp and then there is daily quests from Zyklus  witch also gives you the same amount of XP after that is really a wait time if u have no quests left like me at level 90 or above you have to pretty much put you're self on auto XP mode and wait for tomorrow.Then what you have to do and every other day is complete XP dungeons witch you can do twice daily try not to miss them because they get you a lot of XP. There is another daily thing you might want to do its so called searches you search for wanted enemies.There are different types of them there are rare once(5star) and common once(1star) if you see a big red card with orcs on it then that's the rare one but if you don't see any then its best to refresh til you get once and trust me its worth it because you get a lot of XP and it will help you a lot getting to level 90 and above if you do it daily that is. That's kinda it for XP part the getting you're KK higher is another task in order to get you're KK higher you need to do story mode dungeons and fight bosses to upgrade your armor or even get better one.

    This is me a couple of days later... yes i got 9 levels for a day or two but also 200.000 KK and now sit at 800k+ It is really hard and you might say the task isn't even worth the soul gems i get...there might be some truth to that but its not hard either you put you're auto on and can do you're other business that be play games with you're friends or grind soul gems by playing other web games in the end its a waiting game witch makes it bearable and realistic enough for it to be completed.Think of it as a bonus or a weekly bonus you play you're main game or whatever you do in you're spare time and when its over you can claim you gems.


    Well That's about all i can think off to add this guide this is everything that got me to this level but the time i wrote this article got to level 113 and the 3rd task of this game i hope this article gets accepted and get my bonus i was talking about :)

    and remember don't be tempted to buy VIP it will help yes but you can also manage without :)








    28 march 2019 16:18 1625

    nice article, it's make me want to give this game a try

    25 april 2019 16:06 1625

    nice dude keep it going

    21 may 2019 20:01 1625

    its a nice game i played so much

    22 may 2019 15:43 1625

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