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    Need to know how to get battle wins in your statistics? Well sadly enough you can't! But! Their is some good news you can get PVE battles which you only get when you win. So the best way of going about this is by playing the Random Mission mode and getting them 5-10-15 Battles and taking a screenshot. Hopefully this helps you guys as it did me so Good Luck and Have Fun!

    27 march 2019 09:13 41

    Like i said You cant get battle wins but they will accept PVE battles as screenshot

    27 march 2019 09:38 41

    Thats weird mine worked perfectly good and got mine accepted within 30 mins

    27 march 2019 15:39 41

    i just want to know too so yeah i want to read your comments

    8 august 2020 08:09 41

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