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    Steam Wallet...

    So i save enough for a $10 steam wallet but it currently unavailable at the moment... so how long is it gonna take them to be available again? thanks.

    26 march 2019 22:22 1628

    You know what weird... any steam wallet that i DONT HAVE ENOUGH SG it's available. Any steam wallet that i HAVE ENOUGH SG is unavailable... how unfortunate... i think this is some kind of baiting shite show to force me wasted all the SG i have on chest instead of waiting.

    26 march 2019 22:28 1628

    No, it just means that people bought the steam wallet codes.

    26 march 2019 23:53 1628

    so did you know how long it gonna be available again? or i have to be on high alert to snipe it first?

    27 march 2019 10:40 1628

    Use visa

    27 march 2019 11:11 1628

    well i guess i have to level up to lv 3 to redeem that

    27 march 2019 11:11 1628

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