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    What is best Chest to open ?

    I want to open some chest which one i should open ? i want some csgo skins can some1 recommand me good chest ? and for other game keys or should i just buy key ? any1 ever got good loot from those chest ? i saw some people opening on yt and all loot is trash

    25 march 2019 13:04 1628

    How many did you open ?
    and what is price of skins you got ?

    25 march 2019 13:28 1628

    If you are playing with csgo, you can open awsome skins. I dont realy recommended the other chests, because you have really low chance to open good things.(this is only my opinion)

    25 march 2019 21:12 1628

    There is no the "best" chest. Its the players choice on what they want to buy and get.

    25 march 2019 23:28 1628

    eww ok
    i thought i can find good one
    i think all are trash
    i think it better for me to buy game keys
    cus i know my luck so trash

    26 march 2019 08:24 1628

    The robux chest I guess..

    26 march 2019 10:43 1628

    I thinks steam chest is good because it has food games and only 1 random key

    27 march 2019 07:58 1628

    There are some chests specific for csgo. Try those that contain your preferred skin. Better go for chests with less sg to fain more benifit

    27 march 2019 09:53 1628

    yes robux chest

    28 march 2019 08:20 1628

    i dont play this game
    so it useless for me
    and this game sucks anyway tbh i dont know why people play it xD

    28 march 2019 11:03 1628

    All the chest's reward depend on your luck! I won fifa16 from a chest so that I'm lucky.

    28 march 2019 11:08 1628

    it not really that good and most drops are trash
    like im not going to get any good item and myu luck is trash anyway eh

    28 march 2019 11:48 1628

    There is no any good chests, its all depends on your luck fellas.

    1 may 2019 16:52 1628

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