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    Growtopia - A game about trees

    Growtopia is a PC and mobile game where players plant and splice various kinds of seeds to make items.
    Initial release date: January 11, 2013
    Developers: Robinson Technologies, Hamumu Software
    Platforms: Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, macOS
    Publishers: Ubisoft, Robinson Technologies

    About the game:
    Growtopia is a game where people splice seeds, then these seeds over time turn into trees that have items on them. The way the Devs implemented a progression system into Growtopia is with levels and achievements. so while there is no actual goal in the game you can make your own goals of crafting different kinds of items like wings, lightsabers, clothes, blocks, etc.

    Starting off:
    When first starting off in Growtopia after you finish the tutorial you should type in the name of a world. Worlds in this game are like mini servers so most of the easily named worlds are probably taken.
    After you have typed in a world and if that world is not taken you should be loaded into a place with a bunch of grass and dirt around you. This world has the potential to be your first world but you are not done. Start breaking blocks and gathering gems until you have 50 gems. then open the store where you should buy the small lock, after buying the small lock I'd advise you to place it as I have here:

    And block the door with dirt because people can come in and take your stuff.
    Great after this get 2000 gems and buy a world lock. This lock removes the whole place a dirt block to block the door method because people can't break anything anymore since you have locked the entire world. (this does not stop them from stealing your stuff. If you don't want your stuff stolen and you have it dropped somewhere in the world place a block over it.)

    The game has 2 types of currency the one that is used in the games shop which is a currency called gems and the other used by players to trade with other players called world locks. These world locks have the function to lock a world forever for the person who placed the world lock first in that world.
    These world locks are not able to be made by splicing seeds they can only be traded or bought from the store with gems.
    While there are microtransactions the game does not bombard you with ads and offers of buying gems. The game also is not pay to win while there are advantages to buying gems they can also be obtained by breaking blocks, the higher rarity block the more gems it can contain.

    An easy method to obtain gems is by farming blocks like sugarcane it's the easiest way to get gems and sugarcane seeds drop frequently. There are other blocks you could farm but they cost a lot more to get started. I'd advise you to start farming with sugarcane.

    These are all of the basics you would need to start playing Growtopia.

    Thanks for reading.


    24 march 2019 12:53 1625

    i found a lot of friends here it's such a good game but it has became worse since ubisoft took place

    11 april 2019 17:47 1625

    I dont like this gen of games I more like strategy games!!!

    11 april 2019 17:56 1625

    i used to play this game

    16 april 2019 00:10 1625

    Ubisoft kinda killed it.

    16 april 2019 14:29 1625

    i played it like 2 months ago but i got scammed and quit

    16 april 2019 17:43 1625

    i played it like 8 months ago but i got scammed and quit

    21 april 2019 10:37 1625

    I already play this game

    21 april 2019 10:38 1625

    I'm still playing, but yeah Growtopia is dying hard

    22 april 2019 07:57 1625

    I already play this game

    22 april 2019 09:06 1625


    22 april 2019 09:09 1625

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