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    Task Rejected Unfairly

    I'm so pissed ****, I created a new account using their link, got to level 10 (it took like 3 days or something)
    And it got rejected cause it's not a new account?
    I went out of my WAY to make sure it was. I could have gotten on Dannidalion but I made Dannidalion420 just for this bs
    Anyone else get rejected for this reason?
    How do I dispute the rejection?

    23 march 2019 20:26 42

    It's been hot minute since I've last played Wizard 101 (5 years I think) but somewhere in the stats might be a thing where it tells you how long you've been playing. If not, you can screenshot the level 10 part and somehow get the email that Wizard101 sent you when you created the account into 1 picture, so that if they reject it again something is wrong on their end.

    15 may 2019 01:38 42

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