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    Almost Impossible getting SGs

    Well, Its almost impossible getting SGs. Minigames usually dont give SG (prob bug) and it its hard just for 1 SG. You're given 5 SGs everyday. Which is alright. So our only hope are referrals, daily SG and the games (not the minigames)

    23 march 2019 11:53 1628

    The Sorcerer is actually easiest minigames and it's possible to get 2 SGs per 3 round (I play on my phone and it works). App zone also works and you can watch ads while doing anything else. Hope we can get more SGs easily soon.

    23 march 2019 14:05 1628

    Thanks! Never knew that you can play the minigames on a phone.

    23 march 2019 14:07 1628

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