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    War Thunder

    (4.37/5) 13690 rates

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    2500 6750
    Soul Gems

    For 4 tasks

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Win 5 battles

    What are all of the quests for this game

    I want to play this game more, and i just submitted my first screenshot, but i don't want to accidentally do the next quest and not take a screenshot because on other sites, if you go past it denies your screenshot. So can you please let me know what all of the quests for this game are? Thanks!

    21 march 2019 22:41 11

    Get 5 wins, 10 wins, then 20 wins but earn some gold eagle currency

    29 march 2019 19:53 11

    wint 5/10/20 battles

    30 march 2019 17:29 11

    1) win 5 battles
    2) win 10 battles
    3) win 20 battles and earn 150 golden eagles
    goodluck mate

    1 april 2019 16:03 11

    well at first i sent 5 wins, while waiting i played more and got 4 other wins, the request got rejected but when i sent the one with 9 wins (after contacting support) it got accepted so i dont think passing it will be a bad thing, it wont hurt at least

    1 april 2019 16:04 11

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