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    Grand Theft Auto 4

    How about if I ask if there's any Gta 4?I love this game.Every time I play, I enjoy the games.I really like the Gta series.But the place of gta 4 is different for me,Gta 4 is one of my favorite agent games.Well, do you love me?

    21 march 2019 16:57 1628

    I don't get it why GTA 4 is such an underappreciated part of the series. It is actually one of the best (if not THE best) among the GTA games. What I really like about it is the toned down ridiculousness, what gives the game a more down to Earth and serious feeling, wich is very fitting imho. This is the edge that GTA 4 have even over San Andreas.

    22 march 2019 00:33 1628

    I have GTA 4 but my computer can't run it because of my graphics card. But my computer can run GTA V and I don't know why!

    22 march 2019 07:58 1628

    GTA 4 isn't that old (like yea 2008, but the graphics aren't bad). It has kinda real physics, and they are even funny sometimes. But i think overall GTA 5 is a little bit better(this is if you have like good pc).

    22 march 2019 14:35 1628

    GTA san andreas' s scoring point was its storyline, so I think GTA IV is better

    24 march 2019 05:12 1628

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