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    *Only high lvl users answer* What is best topic for articles?

    Please tell me about what should i create articles. Iam asking because iam made game review articles and they 2 of them got placed on forums and none was accepted. Only high Level users answer. Any spam comments will be reported.

    20 march 2019 11:37 1628

    The best way to decide about your article's topic is to write about things that haven't been covered yet. Or have only 1-2 articles written about them and you feel that you can "say things that haven't been said yet". You can also use "Grammarly" to check your grammar since the moderators are really strict about your grammar. Also, don't forget about the 2500 letter limit and "decent image quality" (not blurry, high resolution and be careful if they fit well into the page since some images might be "cut" in half if they're too big)

    20 march 2019 12:41 1628

    Thanks. i have selected topics which were not covered yet, worte an 100% unique article , no grammar mistakes, and used high quality pics. Still it was placed on forums

    20 march 2019 12:46 1628

    I think a topic surrounding the new sekiro shadow die twice game would be a great move from your side, either an indepth review; or just sharing some tips; general advice i can give you lets say you need some formatting tips which font to use; how to structure article properly; stuff like that; to look at these things just take a look at recent published articles and form your article accordingly.
    This will give you the following ideas -
    1. Font size and font name
    2. Paragraphing and main title and titling per paragraph
    3. graphic usage
    Another tip i can give you is look around at steam or android games and choose a game that no one on the website has done before and also you have some what experience in that particular game as well that would be an added bonus; best of luck out there!!

    25 march 2019 11:02 1628

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