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    Unacceptable tasks

    so i've played many games on this site but these ones aren't acceptable not even got a notification says "You have started a task in...etc": - War Thunder - Crossout - Neverwinter - Star Trek Online - Magic: The Gathering Arena is there something wrong or im missing something here ? pls help

    20 march 2019 04:30 1628

    Okay, lets do it step by step:
    1. Do you have more than one account?
    2. Did you use someone elses or someone else his/her gamehag account on your computer?
    3. Are there more than one gamehag users in your house?
    4. Did you make sure you have completed the tasks as stated?
    5. Have you registered to the games through the gamehag or going directly to the game site?
    6. Is your screenshoot of good quality and does it show completed task?

    If you did everything correctly and none of above apply to you, then you should try contacting Misty and send your screenshoot as a proof. The support will contact you asap and help you out! :)

    You can do that by simply clicking on Misty's avatar in friend list and selecting:
    I have a problem with the platform/Technical problem./Other./
    After that, you will be able to describe your problem and share the screenshoot with the proof.

    Make sure you upload your screenshoot to => http://imgur.com/

    Good luck, cheers! :)

    20 march 2019 08:35 1628

    1. only this account i have.
    2. no, only this account.
    3. no, only me.
    4. i did it, even if i don't i get no notification that guarantees that i started that task.
    5.i registerd using gamehag ref link
    6. yes it's a screenshot (captured) windowed 1366x768 showing task, date and time ... should be very clear.

    I did contacted her but all she got to say is to upload a new screenshot and i did like 3 times now.

    20 march 2019 11:57 1628

    Well, if it didn't say that you started a task, perhaps you didn't have what it was needed. Is your adblocker active on this site? It should be off, maybe that's why you didn't get the message. Have you tried clearing your cache and cookie history?

    20 march 2019 12:05 1628

    but what about the other games ?
    I mean i registered on "World of Warships" and "War Thunder" at the same time but i got only 1 notification.
    however i deleted adblocker + browser data.

    21 march 2019 17:23 1628

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