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    Anybody love car racing games?

    Car games are always among the very best games.I recommend you csr racing 2 as car games from it.The graphics are always fun.Let us write the games that interest you.

    19 march 2019 15:53 1628

    Car racing games are great! I'm a big fan of Need For Speed series. I also play Grid 2 on PC. But when it comes to mobile racing games, my favourites are Real Racing 3, Nitro Nation and CSR. I like the first CSR more than CSR 2, but that's just a matter of taste. :D

    19 march 2019 17:01 1628

    I remember a Crash Bandicoot racing game, being the first racing game I've ever played.
    I love racing games.

    (I think what I played was a kart game, but whatever. Racing is racing.)

    19 march 2019 17:12 1628

    My first and in my opinion best racing game NFSU2.

    19 march 2019 20:04 1628

    I really loved playing NFS Porsche 2000 when I was younger. Played through it several times. Then I got my hands on NFS Most Wanted (the first) and had a great time with it. But now... It's painful to see what EA did to such a great racing series...

    20 march 2019 00:29 1628

    Both mario kart and need for speed series. sadly the nfs series seems to have a downfall due to ea being greedy

    20 march 2019 03:21 1628

    You are a car racing game fan and recommending us mobile games??.I am a car racing game fan and i have completed all need for speed games.

    20 march 2019 11:28 1628

    Did anyone else play NFS Road Challenge/High Stakes? I had a great time with it. I found out that you could download and add cars to the game. And there some crazy things that you could download for example: Titanic, the Delorean from back to the future, regular bikes and other things.

    20 march 2019 15:21 1628

    I live it but my computer can't run it! Very sad

    20 march 2019 16:40 1628

    I'm not really a big fun of car racing games but still, I like to play some every now and then. I remember having a lot of fun with some of the older NFS games back in the days, most notably with Pro Street and Underground (the first one), I think the latter one is my all-time favourite car racing game.

    4 april 2019 15:10 1628

    just for kids, boy, buy a car and play your own game

    4 april 2019 17:23 1628

    Come on everybody, just NFS and Mario Kart? Even mobile? At least namedrop Burnout Paradise, Forza, Dirt or something. Bet most here don't even know what F-Zero is.

    4 april 2019 18:38 1628

    My first racing game was nfs underground... so yeah i freaking love these games

    4 april 2019 22:22 1628

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