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    Are the Minigames bugged or am I not getting how they work? I've played them several times already, getting the score needed every time, but haven't seen any SG's from them yet. What gives?

    18 march 2019 18:09 1628

    yes ı play minigame but not give me sg ı think it is bugged

    18 march 2019 18:32 1628

    open a ticket and ask for it

    18 march 2019 19:58 1628

    Ok, will do and update here what I find out.

    18 march 2019 21:24 1628

    They are definitely bugged. I tried several times getting soul games from minigames and still never worked.

    19 march 2019 03:21 1628

    no i get many one sorry but im not get broken

    19 march 2019 06:42 1628

    You have to leave 30 seconds of the Mini-Games that you have completed open for her to give you your reward 😉

    19 march 2019 09:55 1628

    thats the first i'we heard of that, if this helps then thanks a lot.

    19 march 2019 10:53 1628

    When I play minigames on the mobile app, I get SG's almost instantly. On PC however, I haven't gotten any, even though I reached the scores needed. Will open a ticket about this.

    19 march 2019 15:50 1628

    This is what Misty has to say: "There may be several reasons for this. 1. Make sure that adBlock is disabled. 2. Your cache and cookie history is not full. After completing the steps, try to play again. Problem should disappear." This wasn't the case for me (Adblocker's disabled on Gamehag, cache and cookie history are never full, because I clear them regularly).

    19 march 2019 15:55 1628

    I've never got SG from minigames on PC. It's definitely bugged. Play it on mobile.

    19 march 2019 17:11 1628

    Will do, but this should be fixed.

    19 march 2019 17:38 1628

    The minigames worked on my phone, but not on PC. Wasn't seeing any ads on PC even with adblock turned off. If you're not seeing any ads you're not going to get any rewards.

    20 march 2019 19:21 1628

    Mini games are not loading

    20 march 2019 21:24 1628

    Lol when u tupe messages u are lvl up...

    20 march 2019 21:29 1628

    Reported for spam @miselpro.

    20 march 2019 22:22 1628

    The minigames definitely need to be played on the mobile app, otherwise you won't get any SG's. Since that's settled, I'm gonna close this thread.

    21 march 2019 12:09 1628

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