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    "App Zone" Guide || Auto SGs (Exclusively PC Users)

    Well, I found through a Discord server called "STRIX", which is partnered with Gamehag server, a nice and easy way to get Soul Gems through App Zone, exclusively for PC Users! Follow the steps below: ▪ Download Bluestacks. ▪ Download Gamehag app through Bluestacks. ▪ Download Auto clicker. ▪ Open it as Administrator. ▪ Make sure to calculate where the play button of the app zone is, plus the X button after the video is over. I haven't tried it out yet, because I'm always from phone, but hopefully it works. Let me know! Have a great day.

    17 march 2019 15:30 1628

    I think gamehag will ban you if you use emulators.

    17 march 2019 19:46 1628

    i think this is not bannable since he found it in a server partnered with gamehag server:)

    17 march 2019 22:18 1628

    There are a limit 100 gems per day,no more

    18 march 2019 00:57 1628

    I pretty sure the use of app/scripts or programs to cheat the system will get you banned.

    18 march 2019 01:03 1628

    quiet hard to configure

    18 march 2019 05:35 1628

    the x button sometimes got a different location for me, i don't think it will work

    18 march 2019 07:38 1628

    I tried it a week ago but it doesn't show google reward ads

    18 march 2019 11:31 1628

    The 100 sg is great but it takes so much time

    18 march 2019 13:12 1628

    Just do it the normal way. Do note that the maximum per day is 80, not 100. Tested it. Say an ad is 30s long and gives 1 SG, that means it would take only 40 minutes. Just watch 2 TV eps while working through the ads, it's not that time consuming if you can multitask.

    18 march 2019 16:30 1628

    Sayed this for lv

    18 march 2019 16:34 1628

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