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    What screenshot tol to use for completing the tasks

    Hi can somebody help me about this screen shot tool to use i mean i'm stuck i can do missions but they don't accept the screenshot

    15 march 2019 22:21 1628

    Make sure you choose full screen, make sure you can see the completed task clearly in the shot and use the same nickname as the one you have here, also make sure you use the redirection from here when you start your tasks

    16 march 2019 00:25 1628

    Personally, when I'm completing a contract and want to verify it to receive my SGs, I screenshot the game I completed and then, I edit the photo and add some stuff and instructions to, for example "How many coins I got" or anything else. After all this, I send the screenshot and all the times so far, I've never been rejected from taking SG. You can try it too and let me know...

    16 march 2019 05:34 1628

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