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    Please help me......i have a problem regarding articles

    Please help me guys.....i wrote an article, for some time it had a tag saying 'Being Verified', now it doesn't have any tag. I dont know if it is rejected or accpeted. Why is this happening? My article has neither accepted nor rejected tag. Please help.

    15 march 2019 16:38 1628

    Really?? This is the second time you made this exact same thread, a question that was already resolved for you, this is simply a sneaky way of spamming

    15 march 2019 16:47 1628

    No bro iam not spamming..sorry if it is but i want to know the answer. You can understand its really heart broken feeling when you spend hours writing the article and dont receive a response.

    15 march 2019 16:51 1628

    It means that the article is on moderators vote, they should decide and check your article.
    when you see "Being Verified" it means that users are voting and when it disappears it means moderators.

    15 march 2019 22:11 1628

    Thanks @yazdan . Now i know the answer. And for info, how much time it takes to get the decision of the moderators?

    16 march 2019 03:32 1628

    This website often appears various BUGs which lead to no reward. Please wait patiently or contact customer service.

    16 march 2019 09:35 1628

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