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    Learn from my mistake - NEVER BUY CHESTS

    i made a huge mistake by buying chest and got a random game. i only have 200sg now. please do not buy chests. They are total waste of sg.

    14 march 2019 13:38 1628

    well if you have huge luck you should get what you want in chest, mostly you get rune or random steam key...

    14 march 2019 13:49 1628

    I'd recommend saving for a steam wallet code or something else that you like ;)

    14 march 2019 18:03 1628

    Me too bought maybe 5 chest to win a steam wallet code.Offcorse i didnt got anything.Dont buy chest

    14 march 2019 20:53 1628

    Yep, chests are never good in any website. Gamehag is not exception.

    15 march 2019 08:01 1628

    its weird how everyone has an equal chance to get something from the Monthly chest but it always lands on the Random Steam Key - for everyone, every month! On another note - why are there 3 new chests in the inventory (the last one doesn't have a Random Steam key as prize, yaay!). I see the party icons but whats the occasion? GameHag's bday??

    16 march 2019 01:59 1628

    Every chest that I opened had random steam key and every random key is 0.99$ :D

    16 march 2019 11:41 1628

    I do plan on buying on the has more gems in it though

    16 march 2019 12:55 1628

    Of course do not buy chests. Chests are regret...

    14 june 2019 18:42 1628

    Well chests are cheaper, at first i thinked that chest really gives nice rewards but didn't know that luck matters there.

    14 june 2019 18:54 1628

    all it takes is a little luck, although i do agree, spending your sb elsewhere is a better idea,

    15 june 2019 17:55 1628

    Youre gambling away your points. The chances are purposely low to win anything worth the points so they can offset cost. Serveral sites and forums have chests, boxes, etc for sale claiming big prizes that are never won.

    15 june 2019 22:03 1628

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