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    Has anyone got gems from the "facebook share" method?

    There's a task where it says to share a gamehag hashtag code on facebook. You have to make the post public. You will receive gems within 24 hours. I followed everything, but didn't get any gems. So I was wondering if someone has got gems from it? And also how much gems do you get from this task?

    14 march 2019 09:04 1628

    No , i tried but didnt recieved

    14 march 2019 09:33 1628

    yes i did, you need to share the post and set it as "public", don't forget to write the hashtag in it also (not comment), then wait for 24 hours, and then you'll get your SG, the first time i did just got 1 SG, may be it will increase as you share more

    14 march 2019 11:16 1628

    I received only one SG on every share.

    14 march 2019 11:30 1628

    I tried it 3 times but never got any sg and the other fb task to like gamehag page i didnt get sg for that too

    3 june 2019 09:11 1628

    i tried it but it didnt work

    3 june 2019 09:17 1628

    ooh im blind its not the rate and get 100sg

    3 june 2019 09:20 1628

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