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    My article is neither rejected nor accepted. How?

    when i open 'your articles' panel isee that there is no tag on my article. there is neither rejected tag nor accepted tag. Can someone explain why?

    14 march 2019 08:39 1628

    You probably need to wait more time. One friend told me that he was in the same situation, and after around 20-30 days waiting it was accepted.

    14 march 2019 13:02 1628

    @asamnakon it is better if it is truth

    14 march 2019 13:41 1628

    Usually it doesn't take that long. But my latest article has gotten neither in several days. Something might be wrong with their article checking, the folks are unavailable, or some other disturbance. I too would like to know what gives.

    14 march 2019 15:39 1628

    @ dakuwanga....I guess you got no joy from Misty?

    @kartik024...I saw one of your articles placed in the forums, was it another one you are waiting for?

    14 march 2019 19:42 1628

    I've had many bugs like that before, everything you need to do is contact Misty and wait for the response, It won't take longer than a day or two to get your article accepted/rejected after contact.


    15 march 2019 22:38 1628

    I write articles 24/7 and none is accepted.my 2 articles of nfs mw2 and driver San Francisco are placed on forum. After that i have written 2 more. @mrssalter

    16 march 2019 03:36 1628

    Send a ticket to them.

    16 march 2019 03:40 1628

    Try to contact the admins

    16 march 2019 09:11 1628

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