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    Guys Little Help!

    I am really active on this site, most of you guys think im here to just type random stuff and get some experience. I am trying to get level 3 for days now, want to buy my skin and im really trying to do it. Unfortunately i lose my experience and gain a little and then stop getting it. I hope you guys will help me. Thanks!

    13 march 2019 21:30 1628

    You can get xp for only 5 comments in 1 day. Not sure, and if you get reported for spam I think you will lose xp. Not sure about that as well, I'm kinda new here ;)

    13 march 2019 23:06 1628

    You keep on losing xp because you spam very often, I have seen you do this myself several times, each time you get caught and reported you lose 10 xp while your spam comment only gives you 1 xp. Sorry to say but it's your own fault

    13 march 2019 23:55 1628

    You're spamming most of the time Vindirect. Expect to get banned soon if you keep it up.

    14 march 2019 05:28 1628

    You will gain exp if you comment on form or article. however, if you start to spam and been reported, you will lose 10exp per spam comment! If you find some post the report button on website, for every correct report you gain 1 SG. False report will give you block by system statement.

    14 march 2019 06:06 1628

    Thank you guy for your kindness! I'll improve myself! Thanks.

    14 march 2019 11:16 1628

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