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    My so many articles rejected..........WHY??????

    i have followed every single rule to not to get my srticle rejected ..1- made entire article myself 2- formatted it very well 3- added great quality pictures Still.......STILLL ......REJECTED :(

    13 march 2019 11:01 1628

    for what reason?
    From the USER or moderator?

    13 march 2019 14:25 1628

    Article reject with two reasons! If from user it might be spam article or article that not perfect or lack or something. If rejected by a mod it usually from grammar error or vocabulary error etc.

    13 march 2019 14:49 1628

    Join the gamehag Discord channel and ping a mod, if you're lucky they will take a second look. The Discord link is on the bottom right of every page in this site.

    13 march 2019 15:32 1628

    maybe the content isnt popular

    13 march 2019 15:35 1628

    I can see the reason, just by looking at this.
    No offense.

    13 march 2019 17:12 1628

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