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    Everyone Tomorrow 19:00 GMT you all need to help... a streamer TurboMotionZ Is going to stream and he needs all the help he can get so If you can please tune in you dont have to have the audio on but have the stream in the background that would meen a lot to the community and try to get your friends to join. to chat Join this discord Find new pepole and get notified of new vids and streams https://discord.gg/sBgJpn Join Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/turbomotionz/ and fially help support him by youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNyjK5ytmTXe9rIQPpPONFA all the help we can get would be appreciated (TurboMotionZ IS NOT ME IM JUST TRYING TO HELP HE IS IN A ALLTIME LOW so Support him Please im not asking for much)

    12 march 2019 23:21 1628

    I don't think plugging yourself or other people is even allowed in this place. I feel bad for the guy, but this is kind of a violation I believe

    13 march 2019 05:11 1628

    Oh. No time.

    13 march 2019 05:24 1628

    If he really wants to be that famous, then he should promote his channel BY HIMSELF.
    It's completely no sincerity at all.

    13 march 2019 05:27 1628

    Well, this is advertising. Oh well... 😴

    13 march 2019 06:56 1628

    DUDEs he is having a all time low and thretening to hurt himself or become the next McSkillet
    So im doing all i can

    13 march 2019 08:28 1628

    I may see his stream on steam

    13 march 2019 08:37 1628

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