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    What should i get from sg? game or chest?

    should i buy game or chest with sg?

    12 march 2019 13:40 1628

    game, chest usually give you **** games

    12 march 2019 15:10 1628

    Gift card > Game >>> Chest

    Check prices of the game on IsThereAnyDeal and on grey market - some of them might have good price, but more often than not, you are better off getting gift card and buy the game yourself instead.

    12 march 2019 15:19 1628

    Change the game directly. What you get in your chest may not be what you want.

    12 march 2019 15:59 1628

    Actually i have very low gems so i cant afford those 5k or 6k sg to spend

    12 march 2019 16:26 1628

    just be patient, think of the steam summer sale and maybe go like gamer suggest and get the gift cards instead. Most likely you will loose a lot of sg on chests before getting something good.

    12 march 2019 19:31 1628

    try to finish given tasks

    13 march 2019 17:06 1628

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