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    Collect SG

    Collect the rewards


    How it works

    How to complete the giveaway,Get 250 sg.It's not Workin.

    How to complete it help

    11 march 2019 20:08 1628

    Explíquenme si?

    11 march 2019 20:12 1628

    i experienced the same thing....but i have solution......you need to collect 250 gems which doesnt include your tutorial gems.and you need to have level 5 steam account

    12 march 2019 16:41 1628

    Well, you need to complete all task that has in the giveaway. If one of that quest not complete yet, you can't join the giveaway

    12 march 2019 17:26 1628

    I completed every task and got a key. How do I use it? (It's not for use on Steam, that's for sure)

    18 march 2019 18:14 1628

    Which kind of SG though? the total SG earned or the SG the that you currently have to complete the task?

    23 march 2019 13:47 1628

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