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    Screenshot proof in Browser Games

    Acquiring Soulgems in GameHag varies in difficulty, but above else, still requires time and effort. One method of acquiring a handsome amount of Soulgems is playing games, it is one of the best method (Misty herself said so in the tutorial). There are many games that you can play in the gaming section, and the Soulgems that you can gather from there are quite a fair amount. One type of games that you can play are Browser Games. These are games that can be played through the Browser, without downloading any software.

    Browser Games in GameHag includes:

    • League of Angels III
    • WarTune
    • Soul Calibur
    • SAO's Legend
    and all these games have one thing in common when it comes to getting the Soulgems that you are seeking: Screenshot Evidence

    It's a good thing if your Screenshot is Approved... but getting rejected despite providing sufficient evidence and investing your time in a game is quite frustrating and, honestly speaking, discouraging.

    In this article, we are going to be tackling this subject... How to not get your screenshot rejected in Browser Games

    Now, before we proceed to the main topic of this article, let's first ask ourselves this question...

    • Why was my screenshot rejected?

    "Just kill me, please"

    First of all... Being rejected, despite having shown sufficient evidence in your screenshot, does not necessarily mean that GameHag is ripping you off. You see, your screenshot is bound to get rejected... unless you have provided everything correctly.

    My point is, there might be something that you may have missed.

    Browser Game offers doesn't entirely rely on Screenshot compliance. The conditions were set from the beginning, before you even sign up for this game.

    "My lord, what do you mean by that?"

    Take this for example. It says that you should play the game through GameHag by clicking the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, verify your email(it should be the same as the one that you're using in GameHag), and then reach level 10. (The game is WarTune by the way, very easy Soulgems)

    Now read this notice, this message is more of a special kind, since it only appears once when you click the prompt for the first time.
    Now let's enumerate each item and dissect them to explain them further.

    1. Register by "PLAY FOR FREE" button. Remember to set your nickname to be the same or similar to (YOUR GAMEHAG USERNAME).
    Now, everytime you play the game, whether it may be your first time or your last, if you want your SoulGems, you really have to click that PLAY FOR FREE button everytime. And if you're a first timer, make sure to register using the email your using at GameHag and name your character the same as your GameHag Username (In my case, mistofiner).

    "Like this"

    2. After registration confirm your account in the game in the activation email.
    - After registering, exit the game and go to your email, confirm your account then play again. If you play without verifying, chances are, GameHag might not acknowledge your account, and your screenshot will be rejected. (You might even get accused of cheating, for no reason)

    "Activate the Doomsday Device"

    3. Complete the Task, Advance to Level 10
    - Advance to Level 10 (In WarTune, you can achieve Level 10 by just completing the tutorial)

    4. Take a screenshot, confirming the completion of the task
    - I suggest taking it on fullscreen(F11) to enlarge the screenshot, especially your nickname and level

    "Nickname: mistofiner ---- Level: 30"

    5. Come back here, post it and wait for its verification
    In my experience, given that I have provided the correct screenshot, it takes 30 - 60 minutes for it to get approved. If it gets rejected(in this case, me), given that you have abode by all the rules given above, I suggest opening your character's info(Like in the screenshot above) and then screenshot it again. If you have followed everything above, I'm certain it will get approved.

    "The sweet smell of approval"

    "The sweet smell of approval-- season 2"


    Do not think that this is the only way to get your screenshot approved. I do not guarantee approval nor I have any responsibilities when you get rejected. This is just what I did and, from my experience, it worked for me.

    You know, if you get rejected, whether in real life or in GameHag. Don't give up and just try again, but apply what you have learned from your last mistake, because you know what they say...

    "Try and try until you succeed" - William Edward Hickson

    I hope this article helps you in your SoulGem journey.

    And remember, when playing games, be sure to go through GameHag -- to conjure up those SoulGems and acquire free stuff!

    - mistofiner

    9 march 2019 19:01 1625

    a good summary for all new Gamehagers - hope they find it useful and informative.

    12 march 2019 18:04 1625

    totally agreed with that.
    but SAO legend task is the one that I got no problem with.

    13 march 2019 17:35 1625

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