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    Darksiders is an action-adventure game which was developed by Vigil games and was published by THQ. The bases of the story are "The four horsemen of the apocalypse". The horseman that would turn out to be your character in the first darksiders game is War.
    In this game you take control of your character in a third-person perspective. In the game War starts with the weapon Chaoseater but as you progress through the game you can access new weapons as well as another primary weapon which is the Schyte of 'Death'(War's Brother/A horseman of the apocalypse). Throughout the game War will also unlock many different attack combinations which will be very helpful if used when needed in the game.

    There are also the options to dodge swiftly, block attacks and use various countermoves. War also has the ability to use wrath powers which can be offensive and defensive and he can also go into his chaos form which increases his damage tenfold as well as making him immortal for a range of time. Throughout the world, bombs also spawn as they are used to destroy various obstacles in the game in order to progress further.

    At a later stage in the game,War gains the ability to summon a horse named Ruin which helps a lot with travelling throughout the map. He can also collect wrath cores and lifestone fragments which increase War's wrath and health.  


    From the beginning of time, heaven and hell had fought wars with each other with neither side being able to get the advantage over the other side. Because of this the Charred Council was founded in order to maintain order and balance, and they chose to create a brotherhood for this purpose, the four horsemen of the Apocalypse which consisted of War, Death, Strife and Fury. During these wars the race of humanity emerged. 

    When the game starts War arrives on earth where the war that ends everything began. The armies of heaven and hell could be seen fighting a war in the kingdom of man. War faced Abaddon which was the general of the army of heaven and while communicating with him War learn that the horsemen where not summoned and that the final seal was not broken. Because of him breaking the rules of the horsemen War was punished by having a watcher bound to him. This watcher has the ability to kill War if he strays from his mission.

    After a century War returned to earth where all of humanity was obliterated by the armies of hell which were led by the Destroyer. On earth War accepts the help of Vulgrim the soul merchant which gave him the whereabouts of Samuel (A former lord of the demons) in order to find information on how to defeat the armies of hell and the Destroyer. Samuel speaks to War about the Chosen which are 4 demons which you must defeat in order to take their hearts and bring them back to Samuel.

    After doing this Samuel will bring War to the tower where the Angel of death is found imprisoned. During the time in which War is trying to free Azrael he ends up confessing that he , Abaddon and Uriel were trying to bring the apocalypse faster.
    But he states that this plan was ruined by the death of Abaddon. War then was told to find parts of the Armageddon blade
    which was one of the only if not the only weapon which is able to kill the destroyer. He was told to give these parts to Ulthane Blackhammer which was one of the Makers in order to reforge the Armageddon blade.  

    After the blade is reforged, War goes to challenge the Destroyer, where he succeeds in defeating him and in retrieving the seventh seal. But as the final part of the story unfolds War is betrayed by the Watcher which says that The charred council is also betraying the horsemen.

    9 march 2019 17:19 1625

    I play Darksiders 1 and Darksiders 1 Remastered and i Think Remastered is Better.I don't know why it looks almost same, but sounds are maybe little bit realistic.It's hard to say if is better Darsiders 1 or Remastered edition but i think remastered looks better and fight mechanism is easier but it's hard to say.Try Darsiders 1 and Remastered Edition and say what you think but what i think i said.

    23 march 2019 09:30 1625

    Seems original and genuine so good work and I also like stories on the Horsemen of the Apocalypse so found it interesting.

    5 april 2019 16:30 1625

    I played Darksiders 1 and Darksiders 1 Remastered and i Think Remastered is Better.

    25 april 2019 19:46 1625

    this picture is so nice dude

    26 may 2019 17:56 1625

    Nice review, good work. I hope we will see your next articles in the article section not here!

    3 june 2019 13:01 1625

    I played the second game first than the first part

    11 july 2019 10:21 1625

    nice review man thanks

    14 july 2019 02:54 1625

    i play darksider 1 and 2 and it is awesome i like that game

    14 july 2019 02:58 1625

    Is this Game on xbox

    19 july 2019 13:40 1625

    Would I miss much if I skipped the first game?

    20 july 2019 11:10 1625

    wow how igonna get this

    27 july 2019 14:40 1625

    nice explation

    27 july 2019 14:40 1625

    wow ..........

    27 july 2019 14:40 1625

    Darksiders 1 and 2 are really good! And DS Genesis looks good too, but I haven't played it yet.

    17 july 2020 03:18 1625

    Darksiders is a really great game. I recommend it to anyone who has not played it yet.

    29 july 2020 13:19 1625

    Nice review.

    14 august 2020 21:00 1625

    darksiders legend game

    15 august 2020 21:47 1625

    Wow thanks

    15 august 2020 23:53 1625

    Should I play this game?

    16 august 2020 01:04 1625

    i dont know the game but i like the idea of it

    16 august 2020 04:35 1625


    16 august 2020 04:39 1625

    i dont rlly play the game but when i read the article i think its good

    16 august 2020 04:40 1625


    16 august 2020 04:45 1625

    yea one of my fav games

    16 august 2020 04:56 1625

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