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    On what topic should i create an Article?

    Please anyone tell On what topic should i create an Article so that it doesn't get rejected

    7 march 2019 10:32 1628

    create an article about roblox

    7 march 2019 11:27 1628

    about the video game world. specific PC, console games or mobile (IOS/Android) games, web games, games content like how to play or strategies and story about games anything related to games.

    7 march 2019 11:34 1628


    7 march 2019 11:36 1628

    If you want to create an article, try something new games, like, i dont know, unpopular games maybe?

    7 march 2019 19:59 1628

    a good article about an unpopular game can be a great idea
    ANOTHER ROBLOX ARTICLE on the other hand is almost an assured rejection, as it's an over-saturated subject.

    8 march 2019 08:36 1628

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