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    Review : Flaming Core

    Flaming core is a fantastic looking arcade game which in my opinion is best for offline experience.If your not having an internet connection or if you are traveling so this is one of the best offline game that you can play on mobile and it's free which is amazing.The graphics are also very cool and unique.The mechanics are also very interesting and most of the people will find it very fun.


    You have five batteries that allow you to hack in the game and have 999 points.You lose certain amounts of points as you die.You collect gems to unlock certain items.You have to drag the core and try to stay away from different types of traps such as blades , spikes, shooting towers and red walls which can kill you.You can bounce on walls from which you can also make angles and tactics to win the game.When you let go of the ball and if you again hold the button you will enter slow motion mode which is great and it helps you a lot to get out of certain situations.Their are different types of levels and each level gets harder and harder with many different traps and helpful materials.Their will be some structures that can be destroyed that can be make as shortcuts or to flank the towers.Their will be boosts, if you stand n them you get extra speed which will help you during the game.

    Image result for flaming core game pics

    Levels :

    Their are a total of four levels and each level have three stages and each stage has multiple maps to complete which is insane.The first level is  Cyber city which is the easiest level and have a robot style look with bluish color and the second one is the Lazer Hell which is a fire type level and has a sick looking orange type color.It is unlocked with 800 gems. The third one is the  Sand Force which is a Egypt and has a sandy look and it unlocks with 1200 gems.The last one is the Electronic level which is a very smooth but very hard level and it has a cool dark green color and it's unlocked with 1500 gems.

    Image result for flaming core game levels pic

    Store :

    The Store have different type of cores and as well as trails. Their are cores which have different type of texture and looks very sick in-game.All the cores are unique and have different abilities such as a core becomes immune to blast damages or the enemies will no longer bounce you back if you are killed.They are unlocked with gems.The trails on the other hand are just for decoration and can be seen when you strike your core and they are also unlocked by gems.Their are different types of trails which looks very coo in-game.

    Events :

    Their are two event modes.First one is challenge mode.it's a type of arena battle mode where yo are in a small type of arena and you have to destroy all the traps without dying.This event has 44 levels and the second one is Bounce mode in which you are given directions and you have to destroy the traps in the same way that you are told to or you will lost the match .This game mode has 22 levels.

    This game is really fun and i hope this article helped you a lot.i did a decent amount of time in this article so i hope this does not gets rejected.You should really try this game out because its a lot of fun and the best thing is that it is offline game which you can play anywhere with out internet.

    6 march 2019 17:34 1625

    Good effort. Just put a space after each full stop and capitalize beginning of each sentence. You have done that mostly throughout the article but seem to have missed a few.

    7 march 2019 03:13 1625

    nice game

    7 march 2019 11:34 1625

    sorry dont play this game at all

    8 march 2019 02:06 1625

    sounds intresting might i might try it

    8 march 2019 11:17 1625

    nice rewiew

    8 march 2019 11:34 1625

    Most of the people just type here to get leveled up or get soul gems lol

    8 march 2019 11:45 1625

    This game looks good, might try it out.

    8 march 2019 16:30 1625

    Good game,awesome gameplay.

    17 march 2019 19:38 1625


    19 march 2019 00:25 1625


    19 march 2019 00:25 1625


    19 march 2019 00:26 1625

    I love this article! nice job mate.

    19 march 2019 01:40 1625

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