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    Not joking but only like 5 people play this game.

    I've never even seen someone who ever played this game before. EVER!

    6 march 2019 11:06 2240

    l love this game

    6 march 2019 11:11 2240

    i just started it, had alot of fun in the first couple hours, i like it alot

    21 march 2019 16:16 2240

    I dont like it and yup.

    22 march 2019 13:33 2240

    Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, there are community livestreams of them hosting a series of custom matches (or the metal league, at saturday). there's also a peak hour when everyome comes over and plays hmm; try to find these times. you can find the hours using the steam flowchart, or just hanging around at 17:00 UTC or so, any day of the week.

    5 june 2019 20:03 2240

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