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    l have problem

    l dont get any xp when l write comments or topic

    5 march 2019 15:19 1628

    Did you reach the limit for the maximum amount of comments per day? Usually you should get 2% xp for comment.

    5 march 2019 15:22 1628

    You have reached the daily limit. Give it 24-36 hours and come back. This function is in place to help prevent spam commenting for xp.

    5 march 2019 15:30 1628

    As TheNoose says you may have reached the daily limit. But if you didnt you can contact misty

    5 march 2019 15:33 1628

    A quick look at your profile shows plenty of useless comments, which mean they got reported and some of your XP would be taken.

    5 march 2019 16:11 1628

    how level up to site

    5 march 2019 18:11 1628

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