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    Smells Reviews - Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator


    You have clicked on my article about Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator. And I want to explain the game to you and why you should buy it. It has 2,300+ reviews and is ranked at a smoking 9/10 on Steam with good reason. It is revolutionary to how CPU's work. It has such a great system that never fails to deliver the best of the insults. 

    Hey there, I am SmellsNice and today I will be reviewing Oh...Sir! The Insult Sımulator. This game can only be described as the ultimate 19th Century insulting game. Its a 2D pixel game based around constructing insults. It is avaivable on Android, IOS, Windows, Nintendo Switch, Linux, Xbox One and Playstation 4. It stands at the cheap price of $1.99 and at that price its a must have for bored gamers.


    When you first enter you have two options to either insult a human or a CPU. I will be talking about the CPU part for now.

    When you click on "Insult your CPU!" you will see 3 choices. I will briefly explain them to you down below.

    Learn to insult:

    When you first enter the game I suggest you check this out since it will help you tremendously. First steps teach you the basics and the proficiency is to sharpen that tongue to beat the nastiest enemies.

    Instant Argument:

    Instant argument is where you can fights against a random CPU with your prefered character in a scenario you choose. This is great if you dont want to play the whole tournament or if you want to just have a quick round of sweet insulting.


    Now this spills the real tea. It has 5 scenarios varying from a simple customer and seller arguement in a pet shop to you insulting god. It has variety and I find myself coming back to this every time to the tournament to try to unlock new characters or get a victory with all my current characters.


    When you enter a match you will be greeted with a bunch of words to construct sentences from. Try to make sure your grammar is correct and try to use keywords such as "your son" back to back to get a multiplier. Also various characters have various weaknesses such as the "Grisha" character being extra sensitive to communism and Russia. Try to learn these and make sure you use them correctly. Also some sentences can be extra rude and hurt the enemy more. There will be a list of things that affect the sentence below,

     - Try to use the same insult simultaneously for extra harm.
    Sentence Structure - Selecting a fragment that doesn’t fit will result in the loss of damage, weak insults deal less damage. Aim for a rude and embarassing sentence.
    Length - The longer the insult, the more harmful it is.
    Character Weaknesses - Each character is weak to particular words associated with topics.


    This game is one of the best simulators you can find on the market. Its fun, simple, well designed and most importantly its cheaper than water. It literally costs $1.99 and I think you should be ablo to afford it too. And it can provide you with endless hours of fun in the tournament of you can insult players online if you wish to. My rating for this is a big 9/10.

    3 march 2019 17:00 1625

    This review is pretty well done, to be honest.
    Pretty informative, correct grammar/punctuation and a fair critique.
    A thumbs up from me.

    3 march 2019 17:31 1625

    Thanks for the feedback man. Much appreciated.

    3 march 2019 17:33 1625

    I have a feeling that this article will be posted on this section when voting.

    3 march 2019 17:44 1625

    What do you mean man?

    3 march 2019 17:44 1625

    Don't get me wrong, it's a good article😁

    3 march 2019 17:49 1625

    Thanks anyways

    3 march 2019 17:50 1625

    Working on a new one

    3 march 2019 17:50 1625

    good article keep going

    3 march 2019 17:53 1625

    thanks to all of you

    3 march 2019 17:55 1625

    no problem

    3 march 2019 19:17 1625

    just few minor spelling errors, i would advise to rectify them before you submit - spelling of available here: "It is avaivable on Android, IOS, Windows, Nintendo Switch, Linux, Xbox One and Playstation 4." Also change fights to fight here: "Instant argument is where you can fights against a random CPU with your prefered character in a scenario you choose." Oh and capitalize 'G' in God.....and then should be good to go!

    4 march 2019 02:23 1625

    oh and preferred has two r's

    4 march 2019 02:25 1625

    Well nice but some spelling error and grammatical error.

    4 march 2019 06:44 1625

    will keep those in mind

    4 march 2019 18:22 1625

    kinda rushed it but still it turned out nice

    4 march 2019 18:23 1625

    insult simulator is fancy but we need an extreme ver.

    5 march 2019 12:44 1625

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