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    What musical instruments do you play and why?

    i play recorder epic style

    2 march 2019 19:27 1628

    I wish i could play one, and if i had the chance, i'd choose drums or a guitar, since i love rock.

    2 march 2019 20:12 1628

    I do pretty ok with a piano

    2 march 2019 22:19 1628

    I love rock and metal music and I play the piano. It's a lot of fun to play songs that you know and love!!

    3 march 2019 06:49 1628

    I only ever learned to play the trumpet (lol) and a bit of piano but I really want to learn guitar.

    4 march 2019 07:05 1628

    I buyed electric guitar Ibanez GRG170DXL-BKN few days ago i just need amp.

    4 march 2019 20:01 1628

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