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    Bringing PayPal funds as a reward?!

    I thought about it some days ago. It'd not only help me, but maybe you and others too if you/they want funds and stuff. What's your opinion about it?

    2 march 2019 18:07 1628

    There was a thread about converting Visa to PayPal, but I'd love to have PayPal available by default as a prize, rather than converting.

    2 march 2019 18:44 1628

    Of its actualy true im gona no life this

    2 march 2019 18:55 1628

    Gift cards are great, but they are highly constricted. While the site is primarily focused on video games, I would love to see this as a general reward. I think it would make some things easier.

    2 march 2019 18:56 1628

    That would be great

    2 march 2019 19:24 1628

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