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    Game Owerview : Heroes Origin

    ATTENTION! This is a correction of my past work! Do not file complaints for spam! 2

    I would like to make a review of the game called Heroes Origin, which was born in 2018.



    Game Info : Story

    Heroes Origin is a fantasy turn-based strategy web game based on Heroes Of Might and Magic. With focus on character’s development, the game is easy to play and feel the hero's mighty power. Players can challenge each other through battlefield and enjoy the fantastic story plots at the same time.


    The game is an exciting adventure fighting game! You can feel like a strong hero who defeats all evil spirits! The game has many features and different bosses, which you will have to win for no reason! To defeat the bosses, you need to pump your character, for this kill the usual mobs, get experience and get better! If suddenly, any problems arise, you can always contact support, do not be afraid, they will always help you :) There is also a pleasant society in the game, it will be a pleasure to communicate with them, and continue to play the game!
    The game has facebook and discord server! :

    • Why do you want to play it?

      I played this game for 2 days, and so far I can not tear myself away, the game captures, beckons with its beauty, and I want to play it. Honestly, this game is really cool, I do not understand why so few people play it? The game has everything for the influx of players! I am so good at judging this game that it looks weird, but oh well, because it’s really cool! Yes, yes, no one paid me, it is! The game needs promotion, it deserves it! But still, each game has flaws (the game can sometimes become boring, I will write about this in the last paragraph! The game has boring gameplay and graphics. Anything would fix this, and the game will be candy! 
    • What are power points?

      Strength points are your honestly earned strength, giving you the chance to win over one or another mob. Power points can be obtained by killing mobs. Power points, it's like a rank, with certain points you can kill some mobs, but not others!

    • My review

      The game is very exciting, interesting, even at some points it is known. The game has everything - a bunch of different mobs, locations, weapons, abilities, heroes, etc. The game is generally dead, in a couple of hours to kill, as there is nothing to do! True, the game lacks some peculiarity, something that will highlight this game, some kind of curiosity, because of which it will be interesting for new players to stay in the game, keep playing, and encourage their friends to play it!

      Okay, thanks to everyone who read this review, I hope you were pleased. Good luck to everyone and bye bye!
       Regards Moccart.

    1 march 2019 07:47 1625

    I like these kind of games

    1 march 2019 08:06 1625

    the game itself is interesting

    1 march 2019 08:56 1625

    But few people play such a game

    1 march 2019 12:31 1625

    But few people play it

    1 march 2019 12:32 1625

    Awesome game.

    1 march 2019 13:55 1625

    Great game really enjoyed it

    3 march 2019 07:17 1625

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