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    Looool they removed 10xp from my account

    Looool they removed 10xp from my account even tho i didnt comment anything past 3 days :Dddd good job admins ur so legit :Dd

    24 february 2019 20:34 1628

    I had 22 now i have 8,also i lose few every night :(

    24 february 2019 20:35 1628

    I think that happens if your comment is reported or you've been inactive for a certain period of time. You start to lose XP

    24 february 2019 21:04 1628

    You can lose XP from comments that have been made like 1 year ago, as long as someone reported it.

    24 february 2019 22:47 1628

    Yes you will lose exp when someone reported you!

    25 february 2019 13:24 1628

    Seems a bit strange that people can go so far back and it still removes xp. I understand it, but I feel after a certain amount of time if a comment is flagged it won't remove xp.

    1 march 2019 06:35 1628

    It is not a perfect solution, but it would do a better job preventing this current problem while deterring recent spam posts.

    1 march 2019 06:36 1628

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