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    Hello i have some problems the item that i buy from rewards had a icon of fast delievry but it took 2 days of dispatch and still on for now is it normal?

    24 february 2019 10:45 1628

    okey thnk you

    24 february 2019 11:00 1628

    And btw me 2 i opened a chest i got sream and i cant use it i already have it 2 days and the dispatch dont work so yea this app is kinda slow

    24 february 2019 11:31 1628

    The first code I got I received it almost immediately.

    24 february 2019 12:54 1628

    It takes around 2-3 days to get your reward and even longer depending on the reward

    24 february 2019 19:14 1628

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