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    Screen shot issues

    I had some problems recently with this screening the mission is it only me or you too guys i do screen of the thing and they refuse it

    23 february 2019 00:53 1628

    I never got a rejection on a screenshot.Dont know why you got it.

    23 february 2019 02:09 1628

    War thunder? Talk to Misty.
    Be sure yor nick is same on gamehag and in game.

    23 february 2019 21:16 1628

    if talking to misty doesnt work, you can talk to the support guys at the discord server (the link is at the foot of the page, if you're on the website)

    23 february 2019 21:55 1628

    i got this isue when i tried uploading the same screenshot for multipoøe rewards(as i had completed them all), i fixed this by taking new exactly alike screenshots for every task.

    24 february 2019 14:12 1628

    You can try a few more times. Maybe you can pass one time.

    24 february 2019 16:59 1628

    try few more times its happening sometimes.

    24 february 2019 22:38 1628

    Yea you right

    25 february 2019 11:00 1628

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