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    Anthem, How Many Of You Interested In Getting This

    I wanna Know How Many people Are Waiting To Play Anthem

    22 february 2019 19:18 1628

    Not me, i don't like that you must always be online to play it.

    22 february 2019 20:23 1628

    the game is amazing, just check the 20 minutes of gameplay and you will love it.

    22 february 2019 20:50 1628

    I'll look at the reviews when it releases, I have nothing against always online games myself, however based on EA's track-record, I'm still wary.

    23 february 2019 03:53 1628

    The game seems ok

    23 february 2019 07:56 1628

    Well i kinda like it!

    23 february 2019 12:52 1628

    @alfper, Anthem is a cooperative shooter ARPG published by EA and developed by Bioware, while EA has published quality titles in the past, those days are far behind us, and lately they have been releasing unfinished games littered with microtransactions. On the othe hand, the last title they released before Anthem was Apex Legends, a free-to-play battle royale game that doesn't have any forced microtransactions in it and is fairly balanced, but I'm still worried as one game doesn't mean they have learned anything from the result of every game they released since Dead Space 3.

    23 february 2019 19:13 1628

    I'm waiting for it. Got exams for the next month. Will definitely buy after them. It looks great and enjoyable, despite the reviews

    23 february 2019 21:20 1628

    Looked very promising so will grab an opportunity to try it

    24 february 2019 19:36 1628

    I like the game.

    24 february 2019 19:41 1628

    That's already happening tho. Some people can't accept the fact that both games can be good. They treat their criticism like it's a fact and not an opinion

    24 february 2019 20:35 1628

    I might wait for a price drop, being not rich and all.

    24 february 2019 22:47 1628

    I'd say i'm getting this once the price drops. The reviews aren't looking too stellar afaik

    24 february 2019 23:20 1628

    I would Love if Anthem Gets a First person Javlin Mode

    25 february 2019 12:43 1628

    That would actually be pretty sick. Although at that point, wouldn't it be Destiny? XD

    26 february 2019 22:13 1628

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