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    a strategy game that should be played

    Stronghold Legends is a fantastic strategy game made by firefly studios that SHOULD be played.
    There are 3 main storylines in this game in campaign mode .There are 4 parts in trail mode and there is also skirmish mode for playing with robots. There are 3 main characters in this game:
    Vlad the Dracula .His main story is mostly about barbarians and the throne of valakhia and also his love of life which will be lost and Vlad will be looking after her.
    Arthur and the round table .His main story is about how did the round table find its knights, but the interesting thing is that merlin is on your side in the round table.
    Diametric and the ice queen .His main story is mostly about fighting with his brother which is a devil sorcerer .Do not forget that you have the help of ice queen which is a powerful witch (maybe she is one of Misty‘s friends).
    Strategies are the most important things in this game. Magic is also one of the most important things indeed.
    But engineers build things different for each character.
    For example Arthur can’t build werewolf thrower and Vlad can’t build the big manganese also Diametric.
    If you want to have an overlook to the strategies about each one of them let’s begin.
    Vlad and its round table which is a group of ancient monsters can destroy huge armies in the blink of an eye.
    Arthur can attack to the big forts with his round table and the least army and be successful. His round table is made of great knights with magical powers.
    Diametric has the greatest forts mostly because of his giants and ice queen and ice traps and ice dragon and witches.
    Oh I forgot to tell you about the dragons. Every character has its own kind of dragon. The ice kings (Diametric and Siegfried) have the ice dragon which has the power to ice the enemies.
    The villain kings have the villain dragon which can burn enemies.
    The green kings have the green dragon which can burn the enemies.
    Dragons have a limited time for living and a limited health. Be careful that the dragons can be iced too.
    And the ice dragon can’t freeze a dragon but it can ice the troops.
    One of the best ways to defend yourself when you have the ice queen is to choose the ice queen and click on the enemies. In this way she will attack them faster and give them more damage.
    The dialogs of this game are super fun. Every character has its own dialogs, different for all the activities.
    The main stories are super interesting. Every character will share the main story with each other. (Diametric with Siegfried. Arthur with the round table’s knights. Vlad with no one (Usually because he is a Dracula).
    I hope you enjoyed my article

    22 february 2019 10:51 1625

    what are you saying man

    22 february 2019 11:33 1625

    Although it's a forum article, it's good to have some images.

    22 february 2019 11:35 1625

    uh uh i dont think i should play this game

    22 february 2019 11:56 1625

    why don't you like this game ?

    22 february 2019 12:23 1625

    Why do you think it should be played?

    22 february 2019 13:42 1625

    nice its look good

    22 february 2019 15:42 1625

    Why there are no photos?

    22 february 2019 18:06 1625

    i prefer stronghold crusader hd or stronghold hd more than this

    23 february 2019 04:13 1625

    pls upload photo this game

    23 february 2019 05:57 1625

    maby i will try it

    23 february 2019 07:55 1625

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