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    Please answer me :(

    Are the chests worth it or you get the worst possible thing every time you open one? Yes, I am a begginer..

    20 february 2019 17:02 1628

    So it isn't worth trying it.. Also if I open a chest and get something worth let's say 399 SG, can I sell it back immediately?! :D

    20 february 2019 17:06 1628

    Thanks! So as I realised the best thing is to save up some SG's for steam wallet codes and other stuff...

    20 february 2019 17:11 1628

    Please how do i earn, am new here

    20 february 2019 20:04 1628

    There's luck of the draw, and then there's this. It's more like a spinner.

    20 february 2019 21:59 1628

    well. i even wrote a ticket about this to gamehag so if they can add more % to win other then for example a random steam key, because everyone would buy more of them, and the reply was, "all of the rewards are random, better luck next time". so that's that :)

    21 february 2019 00:29 1628

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