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    5 Day Long Wait Time (And Counting)

    Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition is in the store section as "24 Hour" code sending time. Well I hope to god I haven't been scammed, because I've been waiting 5 times that amount at this point. I don't recommend listening to this site's advertising at all- because games take up to 70 hours to send normally after asking Misty. The time means nothing on the store page. I've waited 48 more hours than that and I still haven't gotten any update. The site's TOS actually says that it can take up to a month to send the game- so if you can't wait that long, don't work for it. It isn't worth it. It makes no sense for me to get rewarded 99 cent games and for them to be rewarded in 30 seconds, and then I game I spent a week saving up for also taking a week to get back. At this point, I'm just losing faith in this service. It's ridiculous.

    19 february 2019 22:52 1628

    You should wait for it! On the server, rule wait time up to 31 days so you must wait for it! If it did not come yet that means your reward on a deep verify. You should wait for it!

    20 february 2019 02:11 1628

    @creepymasta - I ordered something that had a wait time for 31 days but to my surprise it came in 16 days. And on Valentine's day as well so was a nice surprise. If you can, don't lose hope!

    20 february 2019 03:18 1628

    @creepymasta dont worry you wont be scammed, worste case scenario is if you donot receive reward inside i think 31 days you will get your soul gems refunded back to your account, just patiently wait and you will receive your reward; gamehag always delivers there rewards unless rarely some users have multiple accounts so they i think verify this information before sending but still donot worry/panic your order will be completed pretty soon.

    20 february 2019 06:40 1628

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