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    Is Dead Cells a good game?

    I am actually thinking about buying this game, That's why I want to know your thought about this game :)

    18 february 2019 18:56 1628

    so the good thing about this game is that you never bored from playing the game, I warn you each time you die in the game you will lose all the items you earn, so if you can deal with this buy it it is worth to play. also, I suggest reading some review about it. unfortunately, I'm going to review this game but not now about a week later

    18 february 2019 19:41 1628

    I think its fine.

    18 february 2019 21:56 1628

    It's really fun. The fact that the levels are procedurally generated has kept this game fresh for me.

    18 february 2019 23:13 1628

    If you like Metroidvania's and Roguelikes then it's a match made in heaven.

    4 march 2019 07:12 1628

    ya dedcels is gut gejm lulz

    5 march 2019 00:04 1628

    dead cells is a great game. has a ton of replayability which means you won't get bored of it quickly. it has a huge range of items as well, so this is worth buying. quite a few side levels which are really cool. it gives you options on which levels to go to, and ramps up the difficulty quickly.

    14 august 2019 06:13 1628

    It's a good game to play from time to time, because it wil always be different

    15 august 2019 03:35 1628

    Well it all depends on how you look at it either you like it or you dont

    15 august 2019 09:37 1628

    I haven't played this game yet (so I can't tell much about it, but it's on my wishlist). However, I suggest you to check some vids on youtube before you buy a game (don't watch too much though, it's best to discover a game by ourself to enjoy it more). I suggest you as well to read some reviews from people, on Steam. Particularly reviews from people that do NOT recommend the game. Why ? Well, people that recommend a game are less likely to point out things that you might not like, or even to point out things that are objectively bad (either because they don't care about it, or not much, making it harder to stay in their mind when they write their review, or because the fact that they like the game makes them "blind" to negative sides, sometimes even when it does annoy them as well). Reading such reviews allows you to know what makes people NOT recommend a game, and that's what you want to know since the things they say are things that might ruin your gaming experience, even if you otherwise find the game awesome. And of course, you can judge from people's reasons for not recommending the game if they apply to you or not (and if the reasons they give are good reasons or not to begin with).
    Be careful however, someone saying for example that the game keeps crashing doesn't mean it will for you as well. Check how many people report that. If there's only one person saying that, then unless there really aren't many reviews, it's unlikely your game will keep crashing as well. And even if there are many people saying that, check when they said that. Plus, Steam is getting better and better to know such kind of things easily. At least 99% people reporting so many crashes will not recommend the game, and steam says the percentage of "Recommended" reviews, overall, but also only for the past month. If it's very high, then the crashes must have been fixed. Also, you can now even display only the reviews from the time period you wish, and there's even a graph.

    15 august 2019 22:27 1628

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