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    Wait Times For Ordering Games

    Ordered Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition over 72 hours ago. Says on the page that it takes 24 hours to ship- so it sucks that I've had to wait this long. I happened to have a 4 day weekend so I was ready to spend my time on a game I love but I've had to wait far past the time advertised. I love that I get a "free" game and all- but the tasks I did for the Gems most likely gave 3x the amount of money to Gamehag than how much it would have costed to just buy the game. After "talking" to Misty in a ticket- in the prizes section it says it now regularly takes up to 70 hours! What? It's even past that point at this time so I've sent in an actual ticket to see what I get back. Have you guys had to deal with these long wait times?

    18 february 2019 05:59 1628

    Hey,did this issue get resolved positively?

    21 february 2019 12:55 1628

    It's not a long time, maybe 10 days longer.

    21 february 2019 15:43 1628

    Was given to me today.
    Week long waitime.
    They're lucky I also got Geforce Now today or else I would complain an awful lot. I will not use this site again unless I plan on getting other Fallout Keys.

    22 february 2019 01:37 1628

    Wait a minute. Don't worry. Maybe he'll be later than you expected.

    22 february 2019 15:34 1628

    If it said that it took up to 72 hours you must wait for it. If it won't come in the next 72 hours then that means it on deep verify and the result can fail!

    22 february 2019 15:46 1628

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