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    Where do i see how many battles i have played ?

    Where do i see how many battles i have played ? I need it for a task,pls help.

    17 february 2019 13:45 2176

    If you click so you can get your profile up it'll show you how many battles you have played.

    18 february 2019 23:06 2176

    oh ok thank you

    18 february 2019 23:07 2176

    I sent them screen shot of my wins and they rejected

    20 may 2019 07:07 2176

    Same, my screenshot keeps getting rejected. Not sure if there is a better screen to show wins besides.
    Profile>Medals>Missions .. here it lists Winner Medal and shows matches won.
    There a better place to take a screen shot of wins?

    20 may 2019 12:01 2176

    Go to the medals then missions

    2 june 2019 23:46 2176

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