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    Fortnite's New "Free Battlepass" Is Just A Ploy To Market Against Apex Legends; Change My Mind

    As the title insinuates, I would like someone to change my mind.

    15 february 2019 01:13 1628

    i mean, its not a bad thing for them to try and market themselves to compete. besides, its a win-win for both us and fortnite.

    15 february 2019 22:09 1628

    Fortnite is not a very good game my friend.

    15 february 2019 23:29 1628

    Yes, i saw in youtube. Bad luck there no fornite quests in my country.

    16 february 2019 01:00 1628

    Everyone has a different opinion. What you said was true, but it doesn't make fortnite a bad game. Some people still, enjoy it a lot and the fact that Epic is giving away the battle pass is pretty cool

    16 february 2019 07:57 1628

    I find the game to be bad because of how the goal of the game was changed. When it first came out, it was thing amazing brand new game that was nothing like anything else at the time and it had multiple mechanics that could be built apon to make it more competitive. Instead of fixing or improving their game in the way the fans wanted, they decided to make the game for casuals. The only reason that it is relevant, is because of how many people who play it. Their business model has been to focus on making money, and not a good game.

    16 february 2019 08:12 1628

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